Rohde & Schwarz Introduces New Power Amplifier Family from 380 MHz to 6 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces New Power Amplifier Family from 380 MHz to 6 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has announced the launch of the new R&S BBA300 family of ultrawide band power amplifiers that span a frequency range from 380 MHz to 6 GHz. They provide linear RF output power up to 300 W with outstanding noise power density and excellent harmonic characteristics. This single amplifier solution eliminates the need to switch instruments or bands during a test, which facilitates testing on automotive and ultrawide band wireless communication radios.

The R&S BBA300 family comprehensively addresses the requirements of EMC test centers, RF component designers and product design & validation. They are significantly more advanced compared to the existing Rohde & Schwarz amplifiers for development and product validation tests in quality assurance, and in the development and production of RF components.

The new broadband amplifiers offer outstanding RF performance over this wide bandwidth ensuring dependable test results over the entire frequency range. Initially, two models are available. The BBA300-DE operates from 1 GHz to 6 GHz and the BBA300-CDE offers 380 MHz to 6 GHz capability.

The all-new design extends through its mechanical aspects, software, and RF design, delivering flexible and robust RF performance. The R&S BBA300 family’s design and manufacture ensure excellent linearity and outstanding noise power density (as low as -110 dBm/Hz). They also ensure excellent harmonic performance (down to -25 dBc).

Power Levels and Harmonics over the frequency range

The amplifiers have Intelligent protection features that ensure high availability, even in the event of component failure. Rohde & Schwarz’s high-quality design and manufacturing provide resilience against all forms of mismatch. With self-protection built-in, the instruments are robust against RF mismatch up to VSWR of 6:1. The amplifiers offer high availability, stability, and reliability with innovative, smart protection concepts. Functions such as periodic bias current adjustment to compensate for component aging and drift increase the lifetime of broadband amplifiers. Customized service packages increase the high system availability of R&S®BBA300 amplifiers.

Customized Services Packages Offered by R&S

The R&S BBA300 models benefit from numerous smart settings and activation functions, which readily adapt instruments’ settings and behavior according to the application. The amplifier design offers the ability to realize a broad array of customer system setups, offering high flexibility and scalability, with upgradable frequency and power. This makes it easy for customers to expand their systems, building upon their initial investment.

Smart controls make it easy to operate

The new R&S BBA300-DE and R&S BBA300-CDE models are available now from Rohde & Schwarz and selected distribution partners.

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