Quantic™ Electronics to Exhibit its Portfolio of RF, Microwave and Power Products at the IMS 2022

Quantic™ Electronics to Exhibit its Portfolio of RF, Microwave and Power Products at the IMS 2022

Quantic™ Electronics announced that they will attend the International Microwave Symposium 2022 in Denver, Colorado from 21-23 June, 2022. Representatives from Quantic and their business units - Quantic TRM, Quantic Corry, Quantic PMI, Quantic Ohmega, Quantic Ticer, Quantic Evans, Quantic Paktron, Quantic UTC, Quantic Eulex, Quantic Wenzel and Quantic X-Microwave will be available at the Quantic Pavilion, Booths #8076-9081.

Over the last couple of years, Quantic has acquired a number of leading RF, Capacitor and Power Companies. They now offer a broad and rapidly expanding portfolio of RF/MW and power products serving a diverse set of mission-critical applications. 

Highlights at IMS 2022 will include:

RF & Microwave:

Quantic Wenzel: Low-noise crystal oscillators, OpenVPX SOSA/CMOSS compliant oscillator platform, and a high-reliability bootstrap oscillator demonstration

Quantic Corry & Quantic PMI: Hybrid MIC/MMIC components, modules and subsystems up to 65 GHz

Quantic PMI: RF & logarithmic amplifiers, programmable attenuators, phase shifters, high power limiters, solid-state switch and passive designs in the DC-65 GHz range

Quantic X-Microwave: RF/MW "drop-in" components "X-MWblocks", connectorized modules and IMAs/CMAs

Quantic TRM & Quantic Corry: Passive power dividers/combiners, couplers, hybrids, beamformer networks and other custom designs up to 40 GHz; both low and high-power solutions to 250K watts. Quantic TRM's Shaun Moore will present a MicroApps session on Wednesday, June 22nd at 11:00 AM MST on the topic of "Summing Power: Power Combining Trade-Offs and Requirements."

Power Products

  • Power dense hybrid capacitors providing significant SWaP savings vs other capacitor technologies MLCC capacitors covering a wide range of DLA ratings
  • MLP film capacitors for mechanically and electrically demanding applications
  • Patented ceramic capacitors delivering high capacitance values and unmatched temperature and frequency performance
  • Thin film resistors (OhmegaPly RCM, OhmegaPly RF, TCR, and TCR-EHF)

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