SatixFy Introduces Electronically Steered Multibeam IFC Aero Terminal for In-flight Connectivity

SatixFy Introduces Electronically Steered Multibeam IFC Aero Terminal for In-flight Connectivity

SatixFy, a leader in next-generation satellite communication systems based on in-house developed chipsets that previously announced plans to go public through a business combination with Endurance Acquisition Corp introduced its advanced compact aero terminal – Onyx Aero. The terminal uses the company’s latest multi-beam ESMA and SDR technology to connect to both LEO and GEO Ku-band satellite constellations simultaneously to provide in-flight connectivity at high data rate speeds. The terminal’s slick design demonstrates low weight, low drag, and low footprint, which enables cost-effective operation and quick installation on commercial aircraft as well as on large business/corporate jets.

At any given time, Onyx Aero simultaneously communicates with multiple GEO/MEO/LEO satellites, providing passengers with highly reliable broadband IFC.

The innovative Onyx Aero all-in-one terminal consists of a patented air-breathing radome cooling system, is fully electronic, and has no moving parts, providing simple installation, high-reliability operation throughout flight altitude, and low maintenance. The Onyx Aero integrates SatixFy’s next-generation Sx3099 SDR modem baseband ASIC for a comprehensive terminal solution. The terminal consists of a tailor-made Ku-band Radome to ensure minimal RF degradation throughout its wide range of operations.

Based on a similar platform, SatixFy has also made available a COTM antenna for defense customers, that is designed to be installed on any ground-moving vehicle. This COTM antenna can also be operated using GEO\LEO\MEO satellites.

Simona Gat, SatixFy’s President and UK CEO said: “The Onyx terminal provides a great opportunity to improve the in-flight experience as it is known today, and provides the level of connectivity that the entire aviation industry is looking for based on SatixFy’s in-house unique capabilities.”

Onyx Aero is scheduled for test flights on wide-body and narrow-body aircraft in the second half of 2022, to be followed by full certification processes, which are anticipated in early 2023, and EIS during the second quarter of 2023. 

Onyx Aero will be demonstrated this week at the Farnborough Airshow at SatixFy’s booth #1018, hall 1, as well as at an outdoor demonstration near the exhibit hall.

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