Thales Receives Contract to Provide SquadNet Tactical Radios for the Austrian Ministry of Defense

Thales Receives Contract to Provide SquadNet Tactical Radios for the Austrian Ministry of Defense

The Austrian Ministry of Defense and Thales have signed a contract for the supply of more than 2,500 SquadNet tactical radios that will support the Austrian army’s digital transformation. SquadNet combines a unique networking waveform with built-in GPS, Bluetooth and programmable encryption to provide reliable, secure critical communications capabilities in an affordable, class-leading size, weight and power package.

Maintaining contact on the modern battlefield is key to conducting effective combat operations. Sending and receiving the right information at the right time is critical, thus communicating in challenging environments demand resilient and trusted solutions.

The SquadNet soldier radio is small, lightweight, easy-to-use and has an autonomy of 24 hours, making it ideal for the dismounted soldier. It provides secure voice, location reporting and data-sharing options. The SquadNet solution will be equipped with latest-stage battlefield software system SABRE, which allows users to view the location of all team members overlaid on a map, and to communicate target data and other points of interest including navigational information. It will include battery charging and radio programming capabilities.

Due to its automatic relaying mode and environment resilient waveform, the SquadNet soldier radio ensures that communication is seamlessly maintained in the harshest propagation conditions across urban, wooded and mountainous terrain, enabling collaborative combat throughout the battlefield.

“With Thales SquadNet, the Austrian Armed Forces will be one of the first European countries to have a highly modern software-defined radio system with full digital signal processing in use, thereby reaching technological leadership in the field of tactical communication. As a trusted partner, Thales is very pleased to support the Austrian Ministry of Defense in the modernization and digitalization of their armed forces,” says Hannes Boyer, CEO & Country Director Thales in Austria.

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