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Laminate by Rogers Corporation

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The AD300D from Rogers Corporation are ceramic-filled, glass-reinforced, PTFE based laminates that operate up to 10 GHz. They have a low dielectric constant value of 2.94 and tight tolerance of ±0.05 which enables high antenna efficiency and large bandwidth. They provide low loss performance (0.0021 at 10 GHz), a very good passive intermodulation response (-159 dBc at 0.030” thickness), and good circuit process ability required for mobile infrastructure microstrip antenna applications. These laminates have low moisture absorption (0.04%), low z-axis CTE (98 ppm/°C), high copper peel strength (18.3 pli), and good dimensional and thermal stability. They are compatible with the processing used for standard PTFE based printed circuit board substrates.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Rogers Corporation
  • Description
    High Performance Laminates for Microstrip Base Station Antennas

General Parameters

  • Dk (Dielectric Constant)
  • Df (Dissipation Factor)
  • Td
    550 Degrees C
  • CTE z
    98 ppm/Degree C
  • Thickness
    0.762 mm, 1.524 mm
  • Electrical Strength
    750 V/mil
  • Industry Application
    Base Station Antennas
  • Material
    ceramic-filled, glass-reinforced PTFE based material
  • Moisture_Absorbtion
    0.04 %
  • Peel Strength
    18.3 N/mm
  • Surface Resistivity
    5.1 X 107 Mohm
  • Volume Resistivity
    1.7 X 108 Mohm-m
  • Dielectric Breakdown
    46 kV
  • Dimensional Stability
    0.02 Inch
  • Flexural Strength (Machine/Cross)
    152.4/127.6 MPa
  • Thermal Conductivity
    0.37 W/mK
  • Note
    PIM: -159/-163 dBc (30 mil / 60 mil)

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