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The GRF5518 from Guerrilla RF is a Two-Stage InGaP HBT Power Amplifier that operates from 1800 to 1910 MHz. This high linearity power amplifier has been developed for wireless infrastructure applications. It provides a gain of 27 dB, has a noise figure of 4.2 dB and an output P1dB of 32 dBm. The amplifier is designed to deliver excellent P1dB, ACLR and IM3 performance over the frequency range. It has exceptional native linearity that makes it an ideal choice for use in transmitter applications that typically do not employ digital predistortion correction schemes. This amplifier requires a DC supply of 5 V and draws 230 mA of current. It is available in an RoHS-compliant QFN-16 package that measures 3 x 3 mm. The amplifier is ideal for cellular boosters, automotive compensators, picocells/femtocells, customer premise equipment applications and other wireless infrastructure applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Guerrilla RF
  • Description
    High Linearity Power Amplifier from 1.80 to 1.91 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
    Power Amplifier
  • Configuration
  • Application
    Picocells/Femtocells, Picocells/Femtocells, Automotive, DAS, WiFi
  • Standards Supported
    5G, WiFi
  • Industry Application
    Cellular, MIlitary
  • Frequency
    1.8 to 2 GHz
  • Gain
    26.5 dB
  • Noise Figure
    4.2 dB
  • Output Power
    32 dBm
  • Output Power
    1.58 W
  • P1dB
    32 dBm
  • P1dB
    1.585 W
  • IP3
    48 dBm
  • IP3
    63.096 W
  • Input Power
    10 dBm
  • Input Power
    0.01 W
  • Pulsed/CW
  • Rise Time
    500 ns
  • Fall Time
    2800 ns
  • Supply Voltage
    5 V
  • Current Consumption
    225 mA
  • Transistor Technology
    InGaP HBT
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Package
    3.0 QFN-16
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -65 to 150 Degree C

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