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RS9116W-SB00-AA0 Image

The RS9116 from Silicon Labs is a Single-Band Multi-Protocol Wireless Module for 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz), 802.11j and dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0. It supports 20 MHz and 40 MHz Wi-Fi channel bandwidths and has a transmitting power of up to 18 dBm (Wi-Fi) and 16 dBm (Bluetooth) with an integrated PA. The modules offers a high throughput and an extended range with power-optimized performance. It has an integrated baseband processor with a calibration memory, RF transceiver, high-power amplifier, balun and T/R switch with a dual external antenna options.

The module has a maximum data rate of up to 54 Mbps (Wi-Fi) and 2 Mbps (Bluetooth) and operates over a voltage range of 1.75 - 3.63 V. The inbuilt Bluetooth stack supports L2CAP, AVDTP, AVCTP, RFCOMM, SDP, ATT, SMP and profile supports SPP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, PBAP, IAP, GAP, GATT, IAP1, IAP2 and HID. The modules are FCC, IC, and ETSI/CE certified and offers drivers for high-level operating systems such as Linux and Android.

It supports host interfaces such as UART, SPI, SDIO, USB HS, and USB HS CDC with 20 MHz bandwidth. The module has Wireless firmware upgrade and provisioning and is externally connected to various peripherals through I2S, PCM, I2C, LED and UART debug interfaces. It provides support for Embedded Client mode, Access Point mode (Up to 16 clients), Concurrent Client and Access Point mode, Wi-Fi Direct and Enterprise Security. This AA0 module is available in a small form factor that measures 14 x 15 x 2.1 mm and is ideal for Wearable, Smart Home, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial, and Retail, Agriculture and Smart City applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Silicon Labs
  • Description
    Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5.0 Module for IoT and Consumer Electronic Applications

General Parameters

  • Technology
    WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Application
    Wearables, Smart Home, Medical, Industrial
  • Frequency
    2.412 to 2.484 GHz
  • Bluetooth Standards
    Bluetooth v5
  • WiFi Standards
    802.11 b/g/n
  • Standard Supported
    Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Data Rate
    0.125 to 3 Mbps (bluetooth) / 11 to 54 Mbps (WiFi)
  • Supply Voltage
    1.75 to 3.63 V
  • Current Receiving
    19 mA
  • Current Transmitting
    8 mA
  • Sleep current
    1 microA
  • Output Power
    16 dBm (Bluetooth) / 18 dBm (WiFi)
  • Sensitivity
    -102 to -92 (Bluetooth) / -96 dBm (-96)
  • Integrated Antenna
  • Antenna
    External Antenna
  • Interface Type
  • Dimension
    14 x 15 x 2.1 mm
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degree C