Keysight Announces PathWave Design 2022 Software Suite with Improved Circuit Design Workflows

Keysight Announces PathWave Design 2022 Software Suite with Improved Circuit Design Workflows

Keysight Technologies has announced PathWave System Design 2022 and PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2022 software which improves design development speed, as well as performance and accuracy, through an integrated workflow that accelerates delivery of radio frequency (RF) systems, chips, modules and boards.

Demand for wireless data and increasingly congested wireless spectrum requires RF design teams to work in a more collaborative, connected environment to address the challenges of evolving wireless specifications. Designing complex systems by spreadsheet and verifying advanced integrated circuits with sine waves are inefficient, ineffective design flows. To meet today’s RF design challenges, designers need an RF-aware workflow that enables them to easily pass accurate models and measurements between system and circuit design teams, while validating to industry standard modulated signals at each design stage.

Keysight’s PathWave System Design 2022 and PathWave ADS 2022 software deliver a connected design workflow that enables circuit designers to:

  • Design with modulated waveforms using instrument-grade analysis and reference signals for advanced specifications such as 5G new radio (NR) and Wi-Fi 6, providing key figures of merit directly from circuit simulation.
  • Verify system performance with circuit-level accuracy by bringing models directly from PathWave ADS into PathWave System Design, connecting circuit and system design teams and removing any source of error with a single model format.
  • Predict interference and coupling issues prior to prototype through integrated electromagnetic analysis to predict high frequency layout effects and providing system designers a clear understanding of board and module level coupling.

Phil Lorch, Director of the Space and Satellite Mission Assurance group at Keysight, said customers in the space and satellite industry are adopting advanced simulation and modeling approaches to improve workflows and deliver satcom products to market faster. Keysight’s PathWave Design workflow enables customers to cross traditional departmental boundaries to share data and models efficiently, ultimately delivering a predictive model of their overall system performance. Keysight measurement science is at the heart of this design flow and provides customers the confidence that their simulations will accurately reflect their prototypes and get their payloads into orbit faster.

Current and prospective users of Keysight’s PathWave Design software can register for a series of presentations on industry drivers for improved software workflows and learn more about the detailed features of the software. Click here to register.

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