New Digital Key Specification Uses UWB and Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

New Digital Key Specification Uses UWB and Bluetooth Low Energy Technology712370

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has completed development of the CCC Digital Key Release 3.0 specification. The new specification enables passive keyless access and engine start from a compatible mobile device via Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technologies.

The CCC Digital Key is a standardized ecosystem that enables mobile devices to store, authenticate, and share Digital Keys for vehicles in a seamless, secure and privacy-preserving way. The CCC Digital Key Release 3.0 specification complements the Release 2.0 specification. Release 3.0 adds hands-free, location-aware keyless access and location-aware features for an improved user-friendly experience through the implementation of UWB in combination with Bluetooth Low Energy. Support for NFC technology is maintained to ensure backward compatibility and battery-low mode.

The latest release addresses security and usability by authenticating the Digital Key between a vehicle and the mobile device over Bluetooth Low Energy. Mobile devices create and store the Digital Keys in a Secure Element that provides the highest level of protection against hardware or software-based attacks. UWB offers secure and accurate distance measurement allowing cars to locate authenticated mobile devices so that Release 3.0 not only prevents attacks but also adds a new level of convenience when entering, interacting and starting the car.

Daniel Knobloch, president of CCC said that the new Digital Key already enables mobile devices to be used as a key for vehicles. With the CCC Digital Key Release 3, the user experience has improved. The combination of Ultra Wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy will enable users to unlock the car as they approach it without the need to take the key out of their bag or pocket.

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