Top 5G Products in 2021

Top 5G Products in 2021

5G delivers high-speed, low-latency communication – which is achieved by utilizing cutting-edge solutions. With faster and more consistent data rates, lower latency, and cheaper cost-per-bit, 5G is making our devices smarter than ever and paving the way for widespread adoption of new immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 5G also enables industries to invest in more projects that require remote control of key infrastructure in key disciplines such as healthcare, smart-manufacturing, etc.

This article lists trending 5G products on everything RF in 2021. For more 5G-related products, visit the 5G Hub on everything RF. We keep users up to date with new products, news, whitepapers, webinars, and events.

5G Massive MIMO Pre-driver Amplifier from 2.3 to 4.2 GHz

The BTS6201U from NXP semiconductors is a 5G Massive MIMO Pre-driver Amplifier that operates from 2.3 to 4.2 GHz. It delivers an output power of 27 dBm with a power gain of 30.5 dB and has a noise figure of 3.4 dB. The amplifier is based on SiGe technology and has a programmable bias current with fast switching to support TDD systems. It requires a DC supply of 5V and has ESD protection on all terminals. Read more.

Silicon 5G Tx/Rx Quad Core Dual Polarization IC

The AWMF-0151 from Anokiwave is a highly-integrated 28 GHz silicon quad-core IC for 5G phased array applications. The IC has eight antenna ports that can be connected to four dual-polarization antenna elements to support both horizontal and vertical polarizations in a phased array. Two common ports, one for each polarization, enable simultaneous processing of both polarizations. Read more.

CMOS Beamformer IC from 24 to 29.5 GHz for 5G Wireless Infrastructure

The ADMV4828 from Analog Devices is a CMOS Dual Polarization Beamformer IC that operates from 24 to 29.5 GHz covering the n257, n258, and n261 5G-NR bands. It has 16 configurable Tx and Rx channels with 8 horizontal and 8 vertical (dual polarization) channels. This CMOS IC has integrated Tx power detectors and a temperature sensor. Read more.

28 GHz Beamforming Front End IC for 5G Phased Array Antenna Systems

The SUMMIT2629 from Mixcomm is a Beamforming Front End IC that operates from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz. Fabricated using RF-SOI, this 8-channel front-end IC is designed to address the challenges constraining 5G mmWave performance. A single SUMMIT 2629 module provides two sets of four channels for two antenna polarizations – a total of eight channels per RFIC. Read more.

57 to 71 GHz mm-Wave Beamforming Module for FWA and 5G Applications

The BFM06009 from Sivers Semiconductors is an RF Module that operates from 57 to 71 GHz with 2D beam steering (steering in both azimuth and elevation). This module gives users the flexibility and performance required for large deployments of 60 GHz FWA networks. It has a 16+16 Tx/Rx Array which can be used for beam steering with an Azimuth of ± 54 degrees and Elevation of ±25 degrees. Read more.

mmWave Antenna Module for 5G Fixed Wireless Access

The QTM547 from Qualcomm is a mmWave Antenna Module that allows mobile operators to offer fixed internet broadband services over their 5G network infrastructure. This 2nd Generation module can be configured to support from 16 to 64 dual-polarization antenna elements, achieving up to 48 dBm of peak EIRP and complying with Power Class 1 and 5 devices. Read more.

LTE Cat M1/NB1/NB2 Module for 5G and IoT Applications

The Monarch 2 GM02S from Sequans Communications is an LTE Cat M1/NB1/NB2 Module that is designed for 5G and IoT applications. It is based on Sequans’ second-generation Monarch 2 chip platform that provides significant improvements in performance and power consumption while offering seamless migration. It provides a Tx power of up to 23 dBm and requires a DC supply from 2.2-5.5 V. Read more.

Sub-6 GHz Module for Multi-Band LTE/5G Standalone Applications

The SIM8210C-M2 from SIMCom is a Multi-Band 5G Sub-6 GHz Module for 5G NR, LTE-FDD, and LTE-TDD bands. It supports Release 15 5G Standalone, delivers downlink data rates of 1.5 Gbps (5G Sub-6 GHz), 400 Mbps (LTE), and uplink data rates of 1 Gbps (5G Sub-6 GHz), 100 Mbps (LTE). This module requires a DC supply of 3.135-4.4 V and has PCIe, GPIO, USB 3.1, PCM, and I2C interfaces. Read more.

5G NR Sub-6 GHz Module with 4G LTE/3G Fallback

The AirPrime EM9191 from Sierra Wireless is a 5G NR Sub-6 GHz Module that supports 4G LTE and 3G fallback. It delivers a downlink data rate of up to 4.5 Gbps and an uplink data rate of up to 660 Mbps. This module delivers a Tx power of up to 25 dBm and has an Rx sensitivity of up to -112.5 dBm. It requires a DC supply of 3.3 V and consumes up to 2.7 A of current. Read more.

5G NR Sub 6 GHz module for IoT and M2M Applications

The RM500Q from Quectel is a 5G NR sub-6 GHz module, compliant with 3GPP Release 15 specifications and capable of both 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes of operation. This module supports LTE Category 22 connectivity with integrated GNSS and eSIM. It is optimized specially for IoT/eMBB applications and is ideal for global deployment. Read more.

5G Cellular Module for IoT Applications

The N510M Series from Neoway are 5G Cellular Modules that are designed for IoT applications. These modules support both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) Sub-6 GHz 5G network deployment. They can deliver a data rate of up to 2 Gbps (downlink) and 1 Gbps (uplink). These 5G/4G/3G multimode modules support a wide range of frequency bands and have excellent RF performance. Read more.

Automotive Grade Sub-6 GHz 5G Module with eCall Support

The RN91xx from Rolling Wireless is an Automotive-Grade Release-15 5G Module that supports sub-6 GHz 5G bands, LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, and 2G. It supports SA/NSA network architectures and provides optional C-V2X (modem) and DSDA features. The module is based on a Qualcomm SA515M chipset and has dedicated flash and RAM which enhances security, reduces system complexity, and lowers overall cost. Read more.

Front-End Module for 5G NR Smartphones

The SKY58212-11 from Skyworks is a 5G/4G/3G Front-End Module that supports 5G NR, LTE, WCDMA, and CDMA bands. It consists of PA blocks, input and output matching, a MIPI standard digital control block, single-ended duplexers, antenna and band select switches, and a low noise amplifier (LNA). The module is available in an SMT package that measures 6.7 x 5.3 x 0.9 mm and is ideal for 5G NR smartphones. Read more.

Band Pass Filter with Passband from 27.5 to 29.5 GHz for 5G Applications

The BFCQ-2802+ from Mini Circuits is a Bandpass Filter with a passband from 27.5 to 29.5 GHz and a center frequency of 28.4 GHz. It has an insertion loss of less than 3.4 dB in the passband and provides over 20 dB attenuation in the stopband. The filter utilizes a proprietary LTCC material and a distributed filter topology which enables this filter to achieve repeatable performance on a lot-to-lot basis for mmWave frequencies. It is available in a ceramic surface mount package that measures 2.5 × 2.0 mm and is ideal for 5G band n257 telecommunication applications. Read more.

Bandpass Filter from 3.4 to 3.6 GHz for 5G Applications

The QPQ3500 from Qorvo is a Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Bandpass Filter with a passband from 3400 to 3600 MHz. It has an insertion loss of less than 3.2 dB and provides an attenuation of over 40 dB from 2170 to 2473 MHz. The filter combines low insertion loss and excellent Wi-Fi rejection in a compact footprint. It is available in a compact leadless SMT package that measures 2.0 x 1.6 mm. The filter has been developed to support rapid 5G infrastructure deployments around the world. Read more.

16x16 Direct-RF Sampling Module with 5 GHz Analog Bandwidth

The XRF16 from Avnet is a 16x16 Direct-RF Sampling Module with a 5 GHz Analog Bandwidth. It is designed for integration into deployed RF systems demanding a small footprint, low power, and real-time processing. The XRF16 features the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen 2, with 16 RF-ADC and 16 RF-DAC channels. The 12 Bit ADCs support up to 2.220 GSPS and the 14-bit DACs support up to 6.554 GSPS. Read more.

Portable Millimeter Wave Measurement System from 18 to 110 GHz

The ETH-MMW-1000 from AVX Corporation is a compact, cost-effective, extremely accurate, and easily adaptable portable solution for testing 5G antennas and other devices at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies from 18 to 110 GHz. The Millimeter Measurement System is a fully anechoic aluminum enclosure on a mobile chassis with steerable lifting wheels that enable quick and easy relocation and provide optimal stability during measurements. Read more.

5G Radio Communication Tester for FR1 and FR2 Frequency Bands

The R&S CMX500 from Rohde & Schwarz is a 5G NR Radio Communication Tester for the FR1 and FR2 frequency bands. It can handle all signaling use cases for mobile communication devices, from early R&D design to final integration, verification and performance tests, final product validation in a test house, quality assurance, and repair. Read more.

High Performance Signal Analyzers for mm-Wave 5G and SATCOM Applications

The N9042B UXA X-Series from Keysight Technologies are Signal Analyzers that operate from 2 Hz to 26.5/44/50 GHz and cover current 5G-NR, FR1, FR2 as well as most RADAR, EW, and satellite bands. They provide an ultra-wide analysis bandwidth of up to 11 GHz which is configured using an external digitizer. The analyzers have an excellent swept Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) of -174 dBm. Read more.

24 to 40 GHz RF Downconverter for 5G Frequencies

The D4000 from thinkRF is an RF Downconverter/Tuner with a frequency from 24 to 40 GHz, 500 MHz real-time bandwidth, and 100 kHz tuning resolution, which is ideal for applications such as interference hunting, electronic warfare, signals intelligence, spectrum monitoring, RF drive test, transmission test, and customer premise equipment test. The platform is built on patented and highly innovative software-defined radio (SDR) technologies to extend the frequency range of existing RF signal analyzers from any vendor to meet new wireless requirements. Read more.

28 GHz Low-Latency RF Repeater for 5G Base Stations

The Pivot 5G from Pivotal Commware is an RF Repeater for extending, redirecting, and shaping mmWave signals from 5G base stations on-demand with low latency. It operates from 27.50 to 28.35 GHz and is available as donor units with a range of more than 1000 ft, and has three types of service units. It has an in-band ripple of 2 dB per 100 MHz channel and a latency of less than 40 ns. Read more.

10/20 Gbps Multi-Band 5G Backhaul Radio Platform

The WTM 4800 from Aviat Networks is a multi-band radio platform that operates in both the 15-23 GHz band and the 71-86 GHz band. This 5G backhaul solution supports frequencies from 71-76, 81-86 GHz (E-Band), and 15, 18, 23 GHz (in the lower band). The radio platform supports QPSK to 256QAM modulation with channel sized from 250 to 2000 MHz (E-Band) and QPSK to 4096QAM modulation and channel sized from 7 to 112 MHz (Microwave, Multi-Band). Read more.

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