Xpeedic Showcases it Latest RF EDA/Filter Design Platform at IMS 2022

Xpeedic Showcases it Latest RF EDA/Filter Design Platform at IMS 2022

Xpeedic is showcasing its latest RF solution at IMS 2022 in Denver, Co from 21-23 June. The annual IMS Exhibition is held in conjunction with the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS), RFIC, and ARFTG Technical Symposia and offers an excellent opportunity for all segments of the microwave community to meet. At the event Xpeedic is showcasing the following:



  • IRIS: On-chip passive modeling and simulation for RFIC designs with accelerated 3D EM solver, and certified by advanced nodes technologies
  • iModeler: Passive model generation with built-in MoM cap, MiM cap, inductor and transformer templates, parameterized result exploration with built-in templates.
  • iVerifier: Fast passive verification by comparing the EM results of the PDK parameterized models, the neural network training model results, and the SPICE results of the equivalent circuit


  • XDS RF system-level design and simulation platform providing schematic design and simulation, post-layout electromagnetic simulation, EM-circuit co-simulation, and tuning/optimization.


  • XDS has built-in RF filter solutions to provide customized services for filter design with the entire design flow from filter topology selection, cell optimization, layout generation, and support co-simulation with packaging.

Mass-Production Proven Filter IP

IPD Filter

Xpeedic offers the turnkey IPD filter solution to RF front-end module and system customers in the mobile and IoT market. Its widespread adoption makes the total volume exceed one billion units. The advantages of adopting Xpeedic's IPD solution include:

  • Silicon-proven IP library for filters, power dividers, couplers, baluns, multiplexers, and matching networks
  • Trusted foundry and package ecosystem partners
  • Quick turnaround for customization supported by a dedicated engineering team and homemade EDA design flow

Hybrid Filter

Xpeedic has a broad filter portfolio with diversified filter technologies including IPD, SAW, and BAW. Combining the advantage of each different filter technology in conjunction with the innovative system-in-package solution, Xpeedic's hybrid filter provides the best performance in terms of bandwidth, roll-off skirt, out-of-band rejection, and power handling.

Stop by the Xpeedic booth to learn more.

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