Langer EMV Introduces Preamplifier Set for EMC Testing Applications

Langer EMV Introduces Preamplifier Set for EMC Testing Applications

Langer-EMV Technik, a leading company for research, development, and production in the field of EMC, has a large portfolio of EMC preamplifiers. Its PA 252 preamplifier set is used to amplify weak measurement signals, e.g. from near-field probes. It is characterized by low noise behavior and a constantly high dynamic range over a very wide frequency range. It is suitable for use in EMC testing and measurements.

The preamplifier set consists of one preamplifier module, 1 x NT FRI EU, Power Supply Unit, and 1 x Case 5, System Case Near-Field Probes arranged in a dedicated case. The preamplifier PA252 operates in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 22 GHz. It delivers a gain of 25 dB with a noise figure of 3 dB. This device needs a DC supply of 7 to 12 V and is available in a compact enclosure that measures 50 x 38 x 14 mm. 

The PA 2522 can be connected to the 50-ohm input of a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope. The preamplifier is powered by the power adapter, which is included in the case. The PA 2522 can be used to amplify the measurement signals of the Langer near-field probes. To achieve this, a near-field probe with a suitable frequency range and corresponding cable should be connected to the input of the preamplifier.

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