Amphenol Introduces IP67 Waterproof SMA Connectors

Amphenol Introduces IP67 Waterproof SMA Connectors

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of their popular SMA product series with additional waterproof IP67 options. These front mount jacks are engineered for 1.32 and 1.37 mm micro-coax cable types which are often used in designs with space constraints or that require a high degree of flexibility. These connectors are well-suited for industrial automation, kiosks, and smart meter applications.

IP67 SMA panel mount jacks offer excellent RF performance up to 7 GHz and feature a threaded coupling mechanism for added vibration resistance. The front mount bulkhead configuration offers extra protection when it is fastened to the inside of the panel or enclosure. The micro-coax cable can also stabilize electrical characteristics even if bent while continuing to provide thermal resistance.

These SMA bulkhead jacks join an expanding portfolio of IP67 and non-IP67 RF interconnects that are currently available as standard solutions. These connectors provide low return and insertion loss and are available in a straight configuration to complement most industry-standard cable types.

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