Kumu Network Develops a Tunable Self-Interference Cancellation IC for Universal Radios

Kumu Network Develops a Tunable Self-Interference Cancellation IC for Universal Radios

Kumu Networks, a developer of full-duplex wireless technology intended to allow radios to send and receive signals at the same time on the same channel or adjacent channels, has introduced the KU1500, a chip-scale implementation of frequency-agnostic taps for analog self-interference cancellation or analog FIR filtering.

The KU1500 has four analog FIR filter chains organized as 12 programmable taps per chain with a maximum of 350 ns aggregate delay through each chain. Two chains can be cascaded for a maximum of 24 taps, for a total delay of up to 700 ns. Alternatively, the chains can be configured to support 2x2 MIMO operation. The IC supports a range of signal processing applications where analog signal manipulation is required to avoid the delay and resolution problems that digital conversion introduces. For example, the chip can be used to implement full-duplex systems or to improve coexistence between co-located radios. Figure 1

Figure 1 shows a system view of a general self-interference cancellation system using the KU1500 IC along with optional frequency-specific taps and digital taps (available separately from Kumu). Frequency specific taps can be used to increase overall dynamic range and where transmit power is higher than what the KU1500 can support. Digital cancellation taps can be used where analog cancellation alone does not provide sufficient cancellation depth or where longer delay reflections impact the receiver and need to be cancelled to meet radio performance specifications. 

 Features of KU1500 IC include:

  • Baseband analog canceller integrated circuit providing programmable, frequency agnostic cancellation
  • More than 45 dB Analog Cancellation
  • Up to 75dB linearity (IM3)
  • Up to -10dBm input & output power
  • Up to 700ns delay spread
  • Up to 80MHz cancellation bandwidth
  • 2Tx 2Rx MIMO or SISO modes
  • Simple, high-speed SPI interface with API for real-time tuning adjustments, gain control and configuration
  • Integrated DC Offset correction
  • Small Size: 4.75mm x 8.5mm x 0.2mm 167- pin CSP package

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