TMYTEK, NI, and Allbesmart Develop an Easy Way to Establish a 5G FR2 End-to-End Test Network

TMYTEK, NI, and Allbesmart Develop an Easy Way to Establish a 5G FR2 End-to-End Test Network

At the European Microwave Week in Berlin last week, TMY Technology (TMYTEK), a leading provider of millimeter-wave solutions, partnered with NI (National Instruments) and Allbesmart to introduce the pioneering FR2 mmWave-OAI communication end-to-end test network solution. Additionally, TMYTEK unveiled the JCAS (Joint Communication and Sensing) demonstration, which presented integrated communication and sensing capabilities, enabling simultaneous signal transmission and distance measurement between transmitter and receiver.

The centerpiece of this partnership was the mmW-OAI (mmWave + SDR + OAIBOX) testbed, which seamlessly integrated millimeter-wave technology and OpenAirInterface (OAI) to create a comprehensive testing environment for 5G FR2 networks. TMYTEK's mmW-OAI encompassed various components, including mmWave beamformers, frequency converters, and a robust PC equipped with the latest OAI stack.

The software stack of the mmW-OAI testbed included OAI gNB, OAI CN5G, beamformer UHD driver, an intuitive dashboard, and more. This comprehensive suite empowered users to test, simulate, and debug layer-to-layer and end-to-end connections, from User Equipment (UE) to gNB, all the way to the core network. Moreover, the testbed supported gNB and UE array antenna emulation, facilitating advanced functionalities such as FR2 beamforming and beam tracking.

JCAS (Joint Communication and Sensing) solution presented a versatile platform with a wide array of applications for academic and research institutions, communication researchers, and radar/sensing researchers. It served as a cutting-edge tool for communication and sensing practice, enabling seamless integration of communication systems with real-time sensing capabilities. Researchers in academic institutions found JCAS invaluable for exploring 5G channel modeling, allowing them to analyze and optimize communication channels in various scenarios. Furthermore, JCAS supported precise distance and angle analysis for localization and tracking applications, providing unprecedented accuracy for research in fields like autonomous systems and logistics. For radar and sensing researchers, JCAS offered extensive capabilities, including CW/FMCW/Pulsed Doppler Radar, facilitating advanced radar research and development. Whether they were advancing the frontiers of communication, investigating radar technologies, or pushing the boundaries of sensing applications, JCAS empowered them with a comprehensive solution that drove innovation and enhanced their research endeavors.

TMYTEK remained committed to empowering researchers and developers with innovative tools that accelerated progress and efficiency in the dynamic field of millimeter-wave communication. Their solutions streamlined research and development processes, providing cost-effective pathways to advance millimeter-wave communication technology.

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