Trending IoT Products in 2021: October Edition

Trending IoT Products in 2021: October Edition

IoT or ‘Internet of Things’ is a technology that collects and exchanges data using sensors embedded within a network. IoT introduced the idea of ‘smart everything’ – smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, etc. It is witnessing increasing implementation all around us, be it either for domestic or commercial applications. From automatic lighting systems to automated traffic systems and beyond, IoT-based solutions have made our surroundings smarter and more efficient.

In this article, everything RF has compiled a list of trending IoT products to showcase the increasing capabilities of these solutions. For more IoT products, visit the IoT Hub on everything RF. We keep users up to date with new products, news, whitepapers, webinars, and events for the IoT sector.

Wireless SoCs for Sub-GHz IoT Connectivity

The EFR32FG23 from Silicon Laboratories are Wireless SoCs for sub-GHz IoT applications. The SoCs have integrated power amplifiers that deliver up to 20 dBm of transmit power. These radios have fractional-N frequency synthesizers with a resolution of 24.8 Hz and support 2/4 (G)FSK with fully configurable shaping, OQPSK DSSS, (G)MSK & OOK modulation formats. Learn more.

LTE CAT M1 Cellular IoT Module with Worldwide Roaming

The RYZ014A from Renesas is an LTE Cat M1 Cellular IoT Module with worldwide deployment and roaming capability. It includes an LTE-optimized transceiver, a complete RF front-end to support LTE Cat-M1 bands worldwide, and key interfaces. The module has been developed according to 3GPP E-UTRA (Long Term Evolution - LTE, Release 13) Cat-M1 UE specifications. Learn more.

CAT-NB1/NB2 Cellular IoT Chipset for NB-IoT Applications

The ALT1255 from Sony Semiconductor Israel is a CAT-NB1/NB2 Cellular IoT chipset. It has an uplink speed of up to 62.5 Kbps (CAT-NB1) and 158 Kbps (CAT-NB2) and a downlink speed of up to 27.2 Kbps (CAT-NB1) and 127 Kbps (CAT-NB2). The module is based on the LTE-M/NB ALT1250 chipset and supports features such as eDRX, PSM, Relaxed monitoring, RAI (Release Assistance Indication), Large TBS, and Dual HARQ processes. Learn more.

Wi-Fi HaLow SoC for IoT Applications

The MM6104 from Morse Micro is a Wi-Fi HaLow (IEEE 802.11ah) Wireless SoC that supports sub-1 GHz frequency bands from 750 to 950 MHz. It delivers a data rate of up to 43.3 Mbps and features an ultra-high linearity LNA and Power Management Unit (PMU). The SoC supports ultra-low-power operation modes for extended sleep times and lower power consumption of battery-operated STA client devices. Learn more.

4G LTE-M/NB-IoT LPWA Module for Global Industrial IoT Applications

The HL7810 from Sierra Wireless is a 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT LPWA Module that is designed for Global Industrial IoT applications. It has a download data rate of 590 Kbps (Cat-M1), 127 Kbps (Cat-NB2), and an upload data rate of 1100 Kbps (Cat-M1), 158 Kbps (Cat-NB2). The module delivers a Tx power of 23 dBm and has excellent power efficiency. Learn more.

LPWA Module for Global LTE/EGPRS Applications

The BG95-M3 from Quectel is a multi-mode LPWA Module that supports LTE Cat M1/Cat NB2/EGPRS and has an integrated GNSS receiver. It is 3GPP Release-14 compliant and offers a maximum data rate of 588 Kbps downlink and 1119 Kbps uplink with LTE Cat M1. The module uses integrated RAM/flash as well as the ARM Cortex A7 processor supporting ThreadX for ultra-low power consumption. Learn more.

2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 5.1 Module

The Sterling 70 Series from Laird Connectivity are 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax) and Bluetooth 5.1 modules that are designed for industrial IoT connectivity. They are powered by the NXP 88W9098 wireless SoC and deliver data rates of up to 1.2 Gbps for WLAN. The modules have an integrated power amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier with a 2x2 MU-MIMO radio. Learn more.

400 MHz LTE-M & NB-IoT Module

The SARA-R540S from u-blox is an LTE-M/NB-IoT module that is designed specifically for 400-450 MHz spectrum bands (bands 31, 72, 73, 87, and 88) available in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The module delivers an uplink data rate of 1200 kbit/s (Cat M1 half-duplex), 140 kbits/s (Cat NB2 half-duplex), and a downlink data rate of 375 kbits/s (Cat M1 half-duplex), 125 kbit/s (Cat NB2 half-duplex). Learn more.

2.4 GHz LoRa/LoRaWAN Transceiver for Long Range IoT Applications

The FMLR-80-U-STL4E-4M from Miromico is a 2.4 GHz LoRa and LoRaWAN IoT transceiver module that delivers a data rate of up to 1.3 Mbps. The FMLR LoRa and LoRaWAN IoT modules enable wireless connectivity to devices, systems, and sensors communicating with high data rates or over a long distance. It has 512 KB of flash memory, 160 KB of SRAM, and 4Mbit external flash. Learn more.

Ultra-Precision Super-TCXO from 10 to 60 MHz

The SiT5008 from SiTime is a Low Power Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) that operates from 10 to 60 MHz. It has a frequency stability of ±2 ppm and provides an LVCMOS/HCMOS compatible output. The oscillator has a rise/fall time of under 2.5 ns, a start-up time of less than 5 ms, and a duty cycle from 45 to 55 %. The TCXO requires a supply voltage of 1.8/2.8 V and draws up to 4.6 mA of current. Learn more.

260 Mbps LTE-A Cat 6 Module for IoT Applications

The FM101-CG from Fibocom is an LTE-A Cat 6 Module that is designed for IoT applications and supports standard features from 3GPP Release 12. It delivers a downlink data rate of 260 Mbps and an uplink data rate of 30 Mbps. The module has a Qualcomm Snapdragon X12+ LTE modem and includes a multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS/ Galileo/GLONASS/ BeiDou) which provides high-performance positioning and navigation. Learn more.

Ultra High-Speed LTE Cat-16 IoT Module

The PLPS9 from Thales Group is an IoT Wireless Module that provides global LTE Cat 16 coverage with 3G/2G fallback connectivity and is integrated with GNSS that enables quick and accurate positioning capabilities. The PLPS9 is built on Thales's automotive platform using LTE CAT 16 Advanced Pro technology and delivers a downlink speed of up to 1 Gbit/s and an uplink speed of 150 Mbit/s. Learn more.

LTE CAT (M1/NB1/NB2) Cellular Module for Logistics, Automotive, and Vehicle Tracking System Applications

The C42GM from Cavli Wireless is an LTE CAT (M1/NB1/NB2) Cellular Module that also supports GNSS, Bluetooth 4.2, Sigfox, and eSIM functionalities. The eSIM is coupled with Cavli’s Hubble Global Connectivity platform that ensures the module can be deployed across the globe and reduces sensor costs, to build robust yet affordable smart control systems. Learn more.

LoRa Baseband Processor for Gateways

The SX1303 from Semtech is a LoRa Baseband Processor Chip that has been developed for gateways. It has been designed to cut down current consumption, simplify thermal design, lower the Bill Of Materials cost and reduce the overall size of gateways. It has an Rx sensitivity of up to -141 dBm with the SX1250 Tx/Rx Front end. Learn more.

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