XMA Corporation OmniSpectra® to Stock Cryogenic Connectivity Products from Intelliconnect / CryoCoax

XMA Corporation OmniSpectra® to Stock Cryogenic Connectivity Products from Intelliconnect / CryoCoax

CryoCoax, a leader in the manufacture of cryogenic cable assemblies announced that XMA Corporation-OmniSpectra® has been appointed as a franchise stocking distributor focused on its cryogenic connectivity products, standard attenuators and high frequency microwave components.

This exciting new development complements the existing product range of RF, microwave and cryogenic connections and enhances the ability to provide a one-stop shop to the market.

XMA Corporation-OmniSpectra® is a market leader in microwave components in the field of cryogenic and general microwave components and has been a partner of Intelliconnect / CryoCoax for several years. XMA provides the highest quality products to meet the rigorous specifications required in quantum computing, military, aerospace, space, testing, measurement, medical, and commercial markets.

Steve Groves, Global Sales Director, Intelliconnect / CryoCoax, said that being able to sell a wide range of high-quality RF solutions from inventory allows them to do great things together.

CryoCoax is a UK/US based division of Intelliconnect dedicated to addressing RF interconnect needs in the global cryogenic market. Intelliconnect – CryoCoax has been in quantum computing, research, testing and measurement, space and medical applications over the last 6 years, based on a business model of innovative design, superior manufacturing, unmatched customer service and technology-driven partnerships. It has achieved significant and continuous growth.

CryoCoax cryogenic cables and components operate at 2K (-271.15 ° C) and are used in cryogenic systems such as quantum computing and research, testing and measurement, instrumentation, medical and material research, dilution refrigerators, and superconducting magnets.

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