Socionext Introduces 60 GHz Radio Wave Ranging Sensor with Built-in Signal Processing Circuit

Socionext Introduces 60 GHz Radio Wave Ranging Sensor with Built-in Signal Processing Circuit

Socionext America has introduced the SC1240 Series radio-wave ranging sensors that use the 60 GHz band with a built-in signal processing circuit for detecting the position and movement of a person with maximum accuracy. Sample shipments are scheduled for Q2 2022, and mass production in Q1 2023.

The SC1240 series is a radio-wave ranging sensor that complies with the global broadband 60 GHz radio equipment standard. In addition to detecting the position and movements of a person, the sensor's high-precision sensing and built-in signal processing circuits utilize a 6.8 GHz (57.1 ~ 63.9 GHz) wide band. This enables the detection of minor movements as positional information, making the device ideal for advanced applications such as tracking human movements and operations by gestures.

Key features of SC1240 Series:

  • The broadband 60 GHz radio-wave range-finding sensor with built-in range-finding and angle-calculating signal processing circuit is the industry's first. 
  • It is based on the company's extensive experience and knowledge accumulated through years of developing millimeter-wave radio communication LSIs and 24 GHz radio-wave range-finding sensors. 
  • The highly integrated SC1240 series uses 3D position information without the need for high frequency or advanced signal processing technology. 
  • It includes multiple antennas, wireless circuitry, A/D converters, FIFO memory, SPI interface, a high-performance sequencer that flexibly changes the duty cycle and controls power consumption, and a signal processing circuit for high-performance distance measurement and angle calculation. 
  • This sensor provides an autonomous activation function. These features allow users to easily obtain the height and positional data on the X, Y, and Z planes for detection of multiple people, gesture without contact, and other high-precision sensing. 

Following the company's debut of its SC1240AR3, Socionext will continue to develop products that meet customer needs and applications.

The new SC1240 Series joins Socionext's lineup of advanced radio-wave ranging sensors powering the next generation of advanced sensing applications. The full array of RF sensors enables Socionext's goal to be the market leader in smart sensor technology and to contribute to a better user experience.

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