Patented Microwave E-Plane Combiners with N-Way Architecture Provide High Power Handling Capabilities

Patented Microwave E-Plane Combiners with N-Way Architecture Provide High Power Handling Capabilities

Werlatone, a leading provider of cutting-edge RF and microwave components, has developed a series of patented Microwave E-Plane Combiners that offer remarkable high-power handling capabilities. The company's N-Way Combiner architecture is specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for high continuous wave (CW) power and high-duty cycle requirements in emerging solid-state radar systems.

Traditionally, N-Way Radial Combiner designs faced limitations in CW output power due to the diameter of the central output coaxial section based on TEM model operation. However, Werlatone's revolutionary E-Plane Combiner overcomes this constraint by being limited solely by the CW rating of the respective waveguide size, opening doors to significantly higher power capabilities.

The customizable N-Way Combining architecture offered by Werlatone enables seamless integration of these high-power solutions at their respective frequencies, providing unprecedented performance and versatility for radar system designers.

C-Band Solution: Model D11839

One outstanding example is the Model D11839, a 16-Way High Power E-Plane Combiner operating in the C-Band frequency range of 5300–5900 MHz. This remarkable solution boasts an average power rating of 12,000 W CW, ensuring superior performance for demanding radar applications. The D11839 comes equipped with WR159 Sum Port Connectors and WR159 Half Height Input Port Connectors, enabling easy integration into existing systems. With less than 0.3 dB of insertion loss across the entire operating band, it guarantees exceptional signal integrity.

The power handling capacity of the Model D11839 is limited only by the rating of the WR159 output connector, which supports up to 12 kW CW and 2700 kW peak power. It offers the flexibility of waveguide or coaxial inputs, allowing customers to choose the best-suited option for their specific requirements.

X-Band Solution: Model D12337

In the X-Band frequency range of 9 - 11 GHz, Werlatone presents the Model D12337, a 16-Way High Power E-Plane Combiner with an average power rating of 3000 W CW. This high-performance solution incorporates the WR90 Sum Port Connector and the WR90 Half Height Input Port Connector, ensuring optimal signal transmission across the entire operating band. With a very low insertion loss, the Model D12337 guarantees reliable and efficient performance.

Similar to the C-Band solution, the Model D12337's power handling capacity is limited only by the rating of the WR90 output connector, supporting up to 3 kW CW and 760 kW peak power. It is available with waveguide or coaxial inputs, providing customers with flexible integration options.

Werlatone's innovative Microwave E-Plane Combiners redefine the possibilities in solid-state radar systems, enabling higher CW power and duty cycle capabilities. By leveraging these advanced technologies, radar system designers can achieve superior performance, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced reliability.

As the demand for radar applications continues to evolve, Werlatone's high-power E-Plane Combiners offer an indispensable solution. With their exceptional power handling capability, low insertion loss, and customizable options, these groundbreaking components empower the development of next-generation radar systems that can effectively support a wide range of mission-critical operations.

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