everything RF Publishes the 2nd Volume of its 2024 Print / Digital Magazine for the RF/Microwave Industry

everything RF Publishes the 2nd Volume of its 2024 Print / Digital Magazine for the RF/Microwave Industry

everything RF, the leading online publication for the RF and Microwave industry, has published the 2nd volume of its 2024 printed/digital magazine. This magazine from everything RF is designed to provide industry professionals with the latest news, insights, and developments in the RF/MW sector.

This magazine is available in print as well as digital form. The printed edition of the magazine will be distributed at major industry events (IMS 2024, EuMW, AOC among others) while the digital edition will be accessible online, providing readers with the convenience of accessing content from any device.

The magazine will feature in-depth articles, expert analysis, and comprehensive coverage of key topics, trends, and technologies. With a focus on delivering valuable content, it aims to serve as an essential resource for engineers, researchers, and industry professionals.

The 2nd volume of everything RF’s 2024 magazine will cover the following sectors

Expanding the Sectors Covered

In addition to established RF and MW topics, the magazine will now cover two new categories: RF Energy and Cryogenics. These sections will explore the latest advancements, applications, and research in these emerging fields.

  • RF Energy: This section will explore the use of RF energy across various applications. Readers will learn how RF energy is harnessed to improve efficiency and create innovative solutions in diverse industries.
  • Cryogenics: This section will cover the developments and innovations in cryogenics. Articles will focus on the role of cryogenics in enhancing the performance of RF systems, such as improving the sensitivity and stability of superconducting RF components and exploring new frontiers in low-temperature physics and engineering.

The magazine features interviews with experienced professionals who generously share their valuable insights and experiences. Notable figures from CAES, Aaronia AG and Marki Microwave have provided their industry views and key information about their company and product launches. These interviews offer a unique opportunity to learn from the industry's visionaries, helping you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate emerging trends.

The magazine also showcases state-of-the-art RF products from a host of companies across the sectors. From components to test equipment, the magazine covers products from manufacturers including Mercury Systems, Rohde & Schwarz, Mini-Circuits, Safran Electronics & Defense, Copper Mountain Technologies, CRFS, ERZIA and many more. The included product descriptions will help you make informed decisions and leverage your projects' latest advancements.

This everything RF magazine includes featured articles from diverse categories including RF Baluns, SATCOM Systems, Load Pull Measurements at mmWave frequencies, 6G Testing, Laser Direct Structuring and Butler Matrix. Whether you're an industry expert or just intrigued by the topic, these articles offer a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts while showcasing the latest trends and breakthroughs in wireless communication.

Featuring a user-friendly layout and engaging visuals, the everything RF magazine offers an enjoyable reading experience. The magazine's intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and find topics of interest, allowing readers to effortlessly explore the world of RF technology. 

This magazine is available in print format at IMS 2024 in Washington DC this week.

Click here to download the digital copy of the magazine.

Publisher: everything RF