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The WP28007060UH(S) from Wavepia is a GaN HEMT Transistor that operates up to 7 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 60 W with a small signal gain of more than 10 dB and has a drain efficiency of better than 40%. The transistor requires a DC supply of 28 V. It is available in a surface-mount package and is suitable for use in U/VHF amplifier, C-band amplifiers, broadband amplifiers, base station communications, drone, UAV, WiMAX, LTE, WCDMA, GSM, WPT, V2X, and radar applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    WAVEPIA Co,. Ltd.
  • Description
    60 W GaN HEMT Operates up to 7 GHz

General Parameters

  • Transistor Type
  • Technology
  • Application Industry
    Base Station, Cellular, Radar
  • Application
    WiMax, WCDMA, LTE, GSM, Broadband Amplifier, Amplifier
  • Frequency
    DC to 7 GHz
  • Power
    47.78 dBm
  • Power(W)
    59.98 W
  • Saturated Power
    60 W
  • Small Signal Gain
    10 dB
  • Transconductance
    340 mS/mm
  • Supply Voltage
    28 V
  • Threshold Voltage
    -3.2 V
  • Breakdown Voltage
    100 V
  • Current
    880 to 1050 mA/mm (Drain-source current)
  • Drain Efficiency
    40 %
  • IMD
    -30 dBc
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Grade
    Commercial, Space
  • Storage Temperature
    -65 to 150 Degree C

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